Voted as the ‘Best photo lab worldwide’ in 2020, our printing partner White Wall won the TIPA World Award 2020 for the White Wall Masterprint.

Our partner photo lab White Wall works with efficient, automatic production processes. Therefore, you cannot change or cancel your order after it has been placed. But you can change the shipping address as long as your order has not yet been sent.

No, unfortunately, it is not possible.


Apart from the resolution of your image file, the viewing distance to the picture on the wall is important. As a general rule of thumb: the viewing distance = twice the diagonal measurement. The further viewers will generally stand from the picture, the larger it should be. Conversely, if the picture is going hang in a narrow hallway, you should not make it too large, since the viewer will not be able to step back and take it all in. In a small hallway, it would make more sense to have multiple smaller pictures. For pictures above the sofa, however, you should not pick too small a size, since the viewer will always be at a distance. For this a picture can easily be 100 cm or more.

Some examples:

distance         in cm                           in inches
0.6 m               20×20 cm                    7,87×7,87 inches                                                        
0.7 m               30×20 cm                    11,81×7,87 inches
1.1 m               40×40 cm                    15,75×15,75 inches
1.1 m               45×30 cm                    17,72×11,81 inches
1.4 m               60×40 cm                    23,62×15,75 inches
1.7 m               60×60 cm                    23,62×23,62 inches
2.2 m               90×60 cm                    35,43×23,62 inches
2.9 m               120×80 cm                  47,24×31,50 inches
3.6 m               150×100 cm                59,06×39,37 inches
4.3 m               180×120 cm                70,87×47,24 inches

Depending on the product and its size, WhiteWall offers various wall-mount options. In some cases, the wall-mount can be directly integrated into the frame. In most cases, an additional wall-mount is attached to your piece. Aluminum rails are our most-used wall-mount. Depending on the size of the piece, two or four rails are attached to the back of the product. Hanging your picture can generally be done with two screws or hooks anchored or screwed into holes in the wall. For smaller pictures two nails may suffice. You should always use two nails, screws, or hooks so that your picture will not slide to the side or hang crooked. Naturally, the products are compatible with gallery rails, in which hooks are attached to thin

You can dust your picture with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth (a microfiber cloth, for example). To make sure you can enjoy your Artystraycats piece for as long as possible do not use any glass cleaning products for acrylic or aluminum mounting. Avoid applying too much pressure when wiping the surface.

No. The white border is added around the outside of your image. The format and size of your image will not change – we automatically increase the dimensions to include the width of the white border. This gives your picture a higher-quality and more refined appearance, and it also makes them easy to put in a passe-partout mat for framing.

The following products are suitable for outdoor areas: Photo Print On Aluminum Dibond, Photo Print On Brushed Aluminum, Photo Print On Forex, and the HD Metal Print. Please note that, due to natural influences, photographic prints in outdoor areas cannot have the same longevity as the ones kept indoors can achieve.

The long-term stability of pigment prints and real photographic prints is one of the most important indicators of its quality. For this reason, WhiteWall exclusively uses brand- name manufacturers for all the materials used and production methods proven over many years. For rinsing, fixing, and drying, Whitewall makes extra special effort to further increase the durability. As a result, fade-resistant prints and photographs for at least 75 years in exhibition conditions can be promised. You can also positively influence the colorfastness by keeping direct sunlight and high humidity away from your piece.



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Yes. We offer gift certificates in set amounts ranging from €25 – €500. Instant Gift Certificates: After completing your order, you receive the gift certificate code by e-mail. You can also download a PDF card, which you can print out and fill in with the code and issue date for a fast gift.

If you redeem a Gift Certificate and do not spend it entirely, you will receive an e-mail with a new code valid for the remaining amount.

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Yes. While placing your order, you can enter a shipping address that is different from your billing address. The shipping address may be in any country as long as it is listed in ‘Shipping and Delivery’. The shipping costs will then be adjusted for the intended destination.

No, that is not possible at this time.

We automatically send you e-mail updates on the status of your order: when your order is received and when it is shipped. In the shipping confirmation, you will find the parcel number and a tracking link to follow your delivery.

If you have provided incorrect information such as address, email address or telephone number etc. Please contact our customer service as soon as possible so they can try to change your information before the order leaves our warehouse. Unfortunately if the incorrect information affects the delivery of your package and your order is already sent out before you contact our Customer Service, as a customer you’re responsible for the extra costs that may occur. You can also check on the status of your order in your account under “My Orders.”

Your product is sent in secure, custom-made packaging designed specifically for art and use selected shipping partners. Depending on the shipping options and product, you can choose the delivery service for your order during checkout. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the order will be delivered to your shipping address after production.


Information about the right of revocation can be found in our terms and conditions.

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. For that reason, we request that you please contact us immediately within one week of receiving the goods, if something is not up to your expectations. Please include at least two photos that clearly document the issue so that we can make a qualified assessment. Together, we will find a solution for your concerns, whether it is through producing the product anew or in the form of some compensation. We strive to continually improve based on your feedback in order to continue to ensure your satisfaction in the future.

Please check your delivery in the presence of the deliveryperson. If you find damages, you should refuse the delivery. Then contact us right away so that they can get a replacement made right away. For fast processing it is very helpful to e-mail 2 photos documenting the damage to our customer service team. In the event that you have already accepted the order before spotting damage(s), please contact our customer service right away. Please keep the original packaging in case the goods need to be shipped back.

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