Hi Guys,

I’m Kayleen, 15 years young, from Germany.

I feel more like a Spanish person though as we moved to Spain, Mallorca, when I was 3 years old. Mallorca is a special place to be.

I attended an international school, so I am 3lingual.

Saw more than 40 countries, so many faces of the world, met so many people, lived various lifestyles, took pictures and had the most adventurous experiences.

So for 3 years till now I have been travelling the world with my parents. And at some point, I started drawing from one day to another without stopping. I mostly draw animals, because I love them, such nice souls. In Tuscany, the Outback of Australia, and Colorado/US I learned natural horsemanship.

About a year ago I and my mum had the idea to combine my drawings with her photography. Go and check it out!

Student / young travel artist and journalist

Drawing, travelling, surfing, photography, skateboarding, in-line skating, natural horsemanship

Happy, cheeky, warm-hearted, shy

Drawing, sports, travel and life experiences


Favourite food
Vegetarian! Pizza Margarita with black olives and rocket

Favourite song
Depends on which atmosphere I’m in. I like country music and reggae…

Favourite animal

Favourite continent

Still on the bucket list
Inspire people with the way I live! Travelling … Hawaii, Jamaica, South Africa, Argentina, Philippines. I am also sure there are some more…

Yvonne’s reflection about Kayleen

Kayleen’s view on the world. She is a multicultural ‘kid’ and so adaptable … She met little poor kids in Soweto, spent a week with orphans in Thailand, and played with daughters and sons of wealthy entrepreneurs. She slept in cheap motels, huts, on small rental cars’ back seats, had days of space and luxury in private houses, villas, and 5-star hotels. Her horizon covers small farmer markets and local music festivals as well as the biggest Rodeo event in the world or the gigantic hot-air balloon festival in New Mexico. She loved Christmas in New York, exploring Singapore, hiking on Madeira, horse-mustering the cattle in the Outback, and eating dumplings in Taiwan. Never ever she will forget sailing through the endless wilderness in Canadas Gwaii Hanaa’s National Park and snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Kayleen collected berries in British Columbia, planted Rhododendrons in Tasmania, cared for cats, dogs, and horses in Colorado, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, England, and Cape Cod. In China, she was in charge of helping students learning English. In Baja California, Mexico, she was our Spanish translater, face to face with Mexican soldiers. Some lessons in line-dance she got in Colorado. Some fun she had in Disneyland in Anaheim. In a former gold rush trail area of Canada, she followed the rhythm of the native’s drums. On her way, through the world, she became a passionate surfer and began to understand and practices the magic of natural horsemanship. 
Now she is – yes, just fourteen.

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